Bonus Novel Audiobook

TOB Novel Cover

TOB audiobook opening credits ACX -23dB to -18dB

Chapter 1 Mountains Vs Men ACX

Chapter 2 Adventurer Wanted ACX

Chapter 3 Come To Me ACX

Chapter 4 Magic Lovers ACX

Chapter 5 Rocket Fuel For Adventure ACX

Chapter 6 Meeting Challenges ACX

Chapter 7 Alternatives ACX

Chapter 8 Letting Go ACX

Chapter 9 The Big Bang ACX

Chapter 10 Second Chances ACX

Chapter 11 Good Pioneer Bad Settler ACX

Chapter 12 A Songbird’s Call ACX

Chapter 13 Mid-Life Meltdown ACX

Chapter 14 The One-Two Punch ACX

Chapter 15 Empty Nest Empty Nest Egg ACX

Chapter 16 Hello From South America ACX

Chapter 17 Hadley’s Crossing ACX

TOB Audiobook Closing Credits ACX



Track 01 Valueofawoman

Track 02 Song Unsung

Track 03 Change Of Heart

Track 04 Love Outlaw

Track 05 Sea Of Pain

Track 06 The Boy You Used To Be

Track 07 Rest In Peace

Track 08 A Woman’s B.S

Track 09 An Angel Brought Me Home Tonight

Track 10 In Love Again

Track 11 Affair Of Art

Track 12 Pardon Me

Track 13 Fire Of Love

Track 14 Come To Me Female Vocalist

Track 14 Come To Me Male Vocalist

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